What’s better than eating food?

Eating healthy food made in a licensed commercial kitchen, from scratch, using only the finest quality ingredients. 
Say “goodbye” to boring, unhealthy lunch and dinner options and “hello” to a daily feast of freshly-made home-style meals!
Our carefully curated time-saving affordable meal plans ensure you get quality nutrition and a wide variety of chef-prepared meals, delivered hot and ready-to-enjoy right to your doorstep every weekday!
Daily Meals
delivered to your doorstep

Select the plan that best suits your unique needs

Huge variety of
globally-inspired dishes

A different meal every day!
Vegan, vegetarian, plant-based, halal chicken; there's something for everyone

Plans starting from only
$70 per week

No more guilt for eating out!
Healthy & affordable food delivered hot, for those busy days


What you get

Healthy, affordable and wholesome halal meals for people on the go.

We create carefully balanced 100% halal menu plans for the entire month. You receive top-quality nutrition from real, unprocessed food that is chef-prepared from scratch, using premium ingredients. 

No surprises here! You get the entire month’s menu ahead of time, so you know exactly what you get for the whole month! Perfect for planning around life’s various events!

Choose from monthly meals delivered 3x or 5x per week. Starting from just $156 per month, no more dreading the “what’s for dinner?” question!

Just want to give it a try? We also offer weekly trial plans, starting from just $70 per week delivered!

Get a taste of our famous signature made-from-scratch halal chicken bowls! Get the 5 Days of Bowls plan for only $75 delivered!

How it works

The ordering is simple. Choose the plan that best suits your needs, order by Saturday at 7pm and pay online, and look forward to delicious hot food to be delivered to your doorstep Monday-Friday for lunch (12-2pm) or dinner (6-8pm)! You choose!

At our commercial kitchen, we follow the highest food safety standards set out by Peel Public Health. Food safety and proper food temperature and food handling procedures are strictly adhered to. We ONLY use 100% halal chicken from Sargent Farms. 

We currently deliver in Brampton and Caledon, from Kennedy/Old School Rd, to Mayfield/Bramalea, Bramalea/Steeles, Steeles/Chinguacousy, and Chinguacousy/Mayfield. You can also pick up for FREE from our commercial kitchen located in Brampton, and get 5% OFF! Just let us know what you prefer when placing your order.






Frequently asked questions

What is the deadline to place my order?
Place your order by Saturday at 7:00 pm. Menu plans and deliveries/pickups start from the following Monday through to Friday. (Long weekend Monday: deliveries will be done Tuesday-Saturday for that week). You can also choose to pick up your order for FREE directly from our commercial kitchen located in Brampton.

How do deliveries work?
Deliveries are done Monday-Friday during lunch (12-2pm) OR dinner (6-8pm). Please let us know your preferred time window, and provide accurate delivery instructions (eg. basement, apartment number, buzzer code, etc.). Please leave a bag by the door, so we can leave your meal in that bag. 

How do pickups work?
You can choose to pickup your meal daily from our commercial kitchen located at 15 Fisherman Dr, Unit 17, Brampton. Pickup time slots are 12:00pm-1:30pm OR 6:30pm-7:30pm Monday-Friday. Please mention your preferred pickup time in the comments when placing your order. Please mention the last 5 digits of your order number when picking up your meal. Please note: if pickup is selected, we will not be able to accommodate any deliveries. 

Is there a delivery fee?
No! Delivery is currently FREE. We deliver in Brampton and Caledon, from Kennedy/Old School Rd, to Mayfield/Bramalea, Bramalea/Steeles, Steeles/Chinguacousy, and Chinguacousy/Mayfield. You can also pick up for FREE from our commercial kitchen located in Brampton. Just let us know what you prefer when placing your order.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express) as well as Visa debit cards.

What if I have food allergies?
Our halal tiffin meals contain dairy, eggs, soy, tree nuts, gluten, and sesame. Customization on tiffin meals is NOT available at this time. For customized meals, you can order from our Weekly Meals menu. 

Can I reheat my meal?
Yes! While we strive to ensure that your meal is delivered hot, you can choose to reheat the food in our microwave-safe containers for optimal enjoyment.

Can I skip a meal?
Yes! You can skip 2 meals within a month (only for the 5x-meals-per-week plan). Those 2 meals will be delivered on the first two days of the following monthly cycle. NO skipping is allowed for any other plan. 

Can I sign up in the middle of a monthly cycle?
Yes! You can sign up any time during a week, until Saturday at 7:00 pm. Your deliveries will start from the following Monday, and will continue for the next 4 weeks. 

How do I dispose of my meal containers?
At The Food Quotient® we are committed to being an eco-conscious company, and strive to minimize waste. We now use returnable containers from Friendlier. Friendlier offers reusable takeout containers so you can enjoy the food you love without the waste! Each container comes with a deposit that you can claim using the Friendlier app or at www.friendlier.ca once you have finished your meal. Scan the QR code at the bottom of your rinsed-out container and return it to us when we come for your next delivery, or you can also drop it off in the collection bin located at our commercial kitchen. We encourage you to also save the paper bag your food comes in, and return it to us along with the container.

We also deliver WEEKLY MEALS to

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